Help them have their best year ever.

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Mike Basevic

Founder of No Limits Nation

Mike Basevic is a mental performance coach and renowned speaker who creates powerful programs that will help you (or your child) get rid of emotional roadblocks & materialize the results you want in life.

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Help your kid overcome daily challenges to live their happiest life, without resorting to medication.

  • – Get better grades
  • – Stop tantrums and outbursts
  • – Achieve top ACT scores


Move past challenges, define your ultimate version of happiness and bring that vision to reality.

  • -Reduce your stress levels
  • – Find your soulmate
  • – Accomplish every single goal


Attain incredible business results by unleashing your true potential and finally getting to the level you deserve.

  • – Increase your sales or revenue
  • – Eliminate struggles & frustrations
  • – Discover the secret to success


Consistently perform at your highest level by giving yourself the mental edge that will make all the difference.

  • – Always be “in the zone”
  • – Take pressure out of competing
  • – Reach levels you never knew

We’re Dedicated to Transforming Lives

I’m Mike Basevic. I’ve worked with thousands of adults, parents, teens, and youth over the years. Regardless of background, experience, or influence, I’ve discovered the one thing they all have in common….

Every one of us is capable of extraordinary accomplishment.

Listen…I get it. There are things getting in the way – anxiety, lack of self-esteem, negative influences, and more. It doesnʼt have to be that way. Imagine living a life of confidence, knowing youʼre making a remarkable difference in your life (or the life of your child). What would it feel like for you to connect with your teen so he or she achieves their full potential as a scholar, athlete, musician, or writer?

Or how about you? What do YOU want to create in your life? I promise to help you get it. When you join the No Limits Community, youʼll have access to the resources you need to make it happen.

I’m here to share the proven methods that have worked with countless teens, parents, adults and business professionals (as well as hundreds of top collegiate and professional athletes). You WILL begin to see a transformation. That’s why I’m here. Ready to get started?


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home-quotesMy Son is a Different Person in Just One Month. He Loves Mike!

I have seen a major shift in Ronny. I was pretty worried about him as he was really overwhelmed and down on himself. Now, he is a different person in less than one month. He seems to have more energy, his grades have improved, he is smiling more and he doesn’t fly off the handle like he used to. He also told me he loves the work you guys are doing. Thank you!

Beth B. – Mom

home-quotesI am happy and relaxed all the time now.

I used to get really nervous and worked up before and during my golf matches. Then with the work we did and in reading your book, the anxiety is all but gone! I am happy and relaxed all the time now.

Dawson- High School Senior