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It’s not too good to be true. You’ve just never had a team like this in your corner – ready to help you see your transformation through. Meet the people behind the world’s most powerful coaching program. 

Mike Basevicalso


mission & vision

At our core, we know people are not meant to suffer – but the world pushes us down, tells us lies and keeps us feeling like victims. Our programs are designed so every executive, CEO, student and leader can live life with clarity, calm and joy. 8 weeks is all it takes to start fixing the cause of these problems – forever. 

We don’t waste your time, money or energy on things that won’t work – so as long as YOU are ready to put in the work with us, we’re ready to help guide you to eliminate emotional discontent from your life completely and be the parent, leader, friend, spouse and person you knew you were always meant to be.

Our vision is to be the global leader in high-performance coaching. Revolutionizing the way leaders can master their mind for a life of success, bliss and prosperity.

Building a world where limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout are conquered with ease. Where anyone can achieve extraordinary success with our tools to remove any obstacle in their way.

meet the team


Director of Operations

Stephanie comes to the team as the brains behind the day-to-day functions of running a company like No Limits Nation. She loves interacting with clients, creating a fun atmosphere, and developing processes that keep a busy team like ours running at top notch. Stephanie has worked alongside several Inc500 companies and has been an integral part in the success of a quickly growing company.


Operations Support

Coach Mike’s better half is an important member behind the scenes handling all of the operations. Kellie’s strengths are implementing procedures, systems and processes to make sure everything is running the way it should be. We have a tremendous amount of moving parts in the business and Kellie makes sure they all run at their peak efficiency.


Performance Coach

Kim was originally a client of the Anxiety Free Executive eight-week program. Immediately after completion of the program, Kim transitioned to the next level program to continue her growth and expansion. Kim knew she had found what she had long been looking for and now, this work would now be a lifetime commitment. Kim always had a strong desire to help others and knew she had to be part of this community moving forward.


Creative Director

Zac comes to the No Limits teams with over a decade of experience working in front of the camera for local television stations. Having struggled with anxiety at different points throughout his career, Zac found incredible fulfillment in helping people feel calm when going on camera for the first time. As Creative Director, Zac focuses on sharing the success stories of clients that come through the Anxiety Free Executive program while working with the team to create engaging content that will lead to impacting more lives.


Client Outreach

Brett is a graduate of Arizona State University with experience in journalism, communications, marketing and sales. As our Client Outreach Coordinator, Brett’s goal is to reach the people every day who are searching for the answer to solve their emotional struggles to transform their lives. In his free time, Brett enjoys keeping up with sports, spending time with friends and traveling. 


Marketing Assistant

Ashley comes to the team with a diverse background of marketing, graphic design, client support and operations. She has partnered with several brands to help them grow their outreach, client relations and scale their brand awareness. As someone who leads with a servant’s heart, Ashley is excited about working alongside Coach Mike and the No Limits Nation team.

the only thing you WILL change is...everything

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