Coach Mike Basevic
Founder & Creator of The Anxiety Free Executive 

“There is no reason for people to be struggling emotionally every day.  We can eliminate these struggles so you can be your true self and then, look out because all individuals are capable of extraordinary accomplishment.”– Coach Mike

The Anxiety Free Executive Founder and Creator, Coach Mike Basevic is widely considered one of the top behavioral coaches in the world.  In addition to his hand-on work with AFE, he is a top performance coach, author and speaker. He has been coaching, mentoring and transforming individuals of all ages for over two decades.

Coach Mike goes beyond inspiration and motivation to deliver concrete tools and an exact formula to completely eliminate struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm and fatigue.  Then his clients reach entirely new levels of personal and professional success.


Meet the team behind The Anxiety Free Executive Program who are here to support and be with everyone every step of the way as they progress through this program.



Doreen and Coach Mike have worked together for years and she has been part of the Anxiety Free Executive Team since 2017. She has coached hundreds of people through Coach Mike’s powerful, “Anxiety Free Professional” program. Doreen helps clients to move beyond the barriers of anxiety, depression and burn-out to live a life filled with new possibilities–possibilities they thought were no longer available to them.

Since 2000 Doreen has helped thousands of people to move beyond their perceived limitations to live lives of connection, happiness and freedom. Through coaching, coaching programs, and her books, Doreen points individuals to the power that has always been within them and then teach them how to consciously use that power to take massive control of their lives.

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Kate was a client of the Anxiety Free Executive before joining the Coaching team.  Kate completed the initial 8 week program and found it to be so incredibly rewarding and life changing, so she signed up for the next level program and committed to a year of growth and accountability.  She led accountability meetings for her team and doubled down on the work. She saw expansion in all the areas of her life that she had set out to improve.  Kate has wanted to give back to others as a result and is now serving as a Coach for our clients.

Leading up to this, Kate’s career has been in the areas of an HR Executive and Insurance Executive for the past 22 years in the corporate world.  She has led and coached numerous teams and direct reports, supporting their success as professionals and helping them to develop the skillsets they needed to grow.  Kate’s desire to live a more inspired life in the work she does each day has led her to pursue coaching full time. Kate also has a nutrition & wellness coaching business and has a huge passion for working intuitively in the healing arts as well.  



Ryan, from the Great State of Texas, started his professional career in the U.S. Military and eventually transitioned into Federal Law Enforcement.  In 2014, Ryan made a drastic career change and traded his badge and handcuffs for a business of his own.

He started his entrepreneur life like every other beginner with little knowledge of business and not much support!  At the same time, he was supporting a beautiful wife, 4 kids, and 3 dogs…big dogs! 

By 2018, Ryan had built a successful business which he sold that year.  On the heels of selling his first company, Ryan opened and built a second company which became equally successful and was eventually acquired by a larger corporation.  In 2020, Ryan began sharing his 20 years’ of experience and knowledge with other business owners and executives in an effort to help them avoid and overcome the struggles he experienced in his own executive lifestyle.    

Today, Ryan is living his dream of sharing his knowledge and skills with people across the world who are ready to take control of their lives. And, ready to build a happy and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families through the Anxiety Free Executive.



Katy is passionate about helping people grow personally and professionally. She was raised in Canton, Ohio then moved to Los Angeles in 2014.  Katy always strives to be in rooms where she knows the least so she can learn the most. She loves facing her fears head on. Having a fear of running long distances, one of her biggest accomplishments was finishing the LA marathon in March 2018. July 2018, she he was offered an opportunity to move to Fort Lauderdale, FL to continue helping a start up business grow and join their leadership team. 

Katy draws from years of experience as a top-performing account executive utilizing principle-centered strategies and a goal to inspire people globally. She has conducted over 3,000 breakthrough calls with people globally that want to fulfill their potential, and become the best version of themselves. Integrity, transparency, respect, alignment, and fun are some of her top core values. 

Traveling often, trying new restaurants, sports, and reading a new book each month satisfies her need for adventure. On weekends you can find Katy biking to the beach with her chihuahua and boyfriend.

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Ashley Nicole is the machine behind the scenes that keeps things humming. Nicole handles all of the administrative duties when it comes to scheduling, Q & A calls, recordings, billing and communication. Nicole is a dedicated student to the work we do here. She is also very active in fitness, traveling and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Journalism.

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David is a general technologist whose approach to business is to be genuine and authentic, to have integrity, to build and grow meaningful relationships, and to help others thrive. 

He has experience in both startup and corporate environments, with everything from developing back-end systems and building automation and maintaining overall platform performance, to managing ecommerce projects and relationships with large companies.

When not working, you’ll find him at the gym, on the golf course, out at local restaurants and bars to meet new people, or entrenched in learning something new.

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Coach Mike’s better half is an important member behind the scenes handling all of the operations. Kellie’s strengths are implementing procedures, systems and processes to make sure everything is running the way it should be. We have a tremendous amount of moving parts in the business and Kellie makes sure they all run at their peak efficiency. Kellie’s career began with a successful run in the mortgage brokerage industry until she became an owner/operator of two McDonald’s Franchises. She sold those to raise her children and re-joined the workforce a few years ago.