*Over 1 million professionals and executives have watched and benefitted from this masterclass.*

Eliminate anxiety, stress, overwhelm &
depression once and for all.

So you can thrive and finally be your best as an executive, professional partner, and parent


Watch this 45-minute training to see how 98% of my private clients completely eliminate anxiety, stress, pressure, worry, overwhelm and depression within 1-2 months

Are You Ready To Thrive And Realize Your Full Potential?

In this training you will learn…

The Secrets to the Mind & Human Behavior

I pull the curtain back on human behavior and tell you EXACTLY how your mind works and why you are experiencing the thoughts, emotions and results you are experiencing.

Why your brain is working perfectly

I teach you that your brain is working perfectly – exactly how you’ve trained it to work – and more importantly, I teach you how to train it to run the way you want it to run.

Why positive thinking and meditation are temporary band-aids

I show you why distractions like meditation, exercise, breathing etc. don’t work long term, and why anti-anxiety/depression drugs are dangerous and how they make things worse.

How to remove the virus in your subconscious mind

I walk you through how to completely remove the emotional virus in your subconscious mind once and for all so you can return your mind to the default settings of peace, happiness, motivation, & passion.

How to clear your mind

I teach you how to release any remorse, guilt, self-judgement and painful emotional baggage from the past, and stop being consumed with worry over the present or future.

How to have complete contentment, success & fulfillment across every area of your life

AND…I give you all of the tools for total success and fulfillment in life. Along with the exact gameplan to create any life you desire moving forward.

Coach Mike Basevic

Founder & Creator of The Anxiety Free Executive

  • Recognized as one of the world's leading experts on the mind & human behavior.

  • Founder and creator of The Anxiety Free Executive & The Anxiety Free Student programs along with his powerful A180 Method on eliminating emotional struggles.

  • Has personally helped thousands of people eliminate crippling emotional disorders like anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, pressure, fatigue & depression within 1-2 months.

  • His private clients have a 98% success rate with A180 Method & programs.

  • Over 1 million professionals and executives have watched and benefitted from his masterclass on eliminating anxiety.

" We are working with a wonderful, sophisticated, beautiful system…the mind. It’s a perfect machine. The mind will do whatever you teach it to do, you just have to know how to access the program and apply the right techniques.

There is absolutely NO REASON for anyone to live with emotional struggles. "

Coach Mike Basevic