A Personal Journey

For those of you who have read my book, you know that several years ago, things got pretty rough for me.

It’s time to dive into my (Coach Mike) Personal Journey.

As I stated in my book:

I didn’t know it at the time but it was the beginning of the most challenging and difficult times of my life.  I would see my world as I knew it, over, in an instant.  My marriage of 15 years ended in literally one day. My once successful business became not so successful and those events would set a string of events in motion that would lead me on a path of hardship like I have never known. But, it would also prove to be one of my greatest moments and a time that would shape the rest of my life.”

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Susan’s Remarkable Story

Below is the inspiring story of Susan, a woman who lost her husband to illness a few years ago which led to her almost completely shutting down before her recent return to happiness and success.
There is absolutely NO reason for you to consistently try to function each day with anxiety, depression, fear, resentment, loneliness or any of the other limiting emotions that are ruling your life each day.

I don’t care what you have been through in your life—it is your choice to hang on to those emotions each day instead of realizing that they can be temporary and learn how to powerfully let the storm cloud pass.

It’s your choice and always your choice.

Here is Susan’s inspiring story.

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