Jacob’s story

I am absolutely thrilled to share a story with you about my buddy Jacob, who is a 14-year-old athlete and an all around great young man.

Jacob is a phenomenal football player and has dreams of playing college ball some day but, over the past couple of years things have been a little rough in his life.

As a result of the challenges, Jacob started to shut down quite a bit.

Jacob’s mom reached out to me a few months ago and Jacob and I began working together.

But, instead of telling you the entire story here, we thought it would be pretty cool to share a short video the No Limits team put together on Jacob’s story.  Read more

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Young Kate’s Amazing Success Story

Kate is a really sweet girl, with a lot of friends at school but when Kate and I began working together a year or so ago, she was a mental and physical mess.

Kate was filled with complete stress, anxiety and pressure as it related to school and her life in general.

She also had zero confidence and she was constantly flooded with thoughts of inadequacy and low self-worth.

She was failing two classes in school along with each day being a personal battle with her parents to even get her out of bed to go to school.

When they would wake her up for school in the morning, she would immediately cry and say she didn’t want to go.  In fact, she missed so many days of school, she was teetering on getting suspended by school officials. Read more

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Susan’s Remarkable Story

Below is the inspiring story of Susan, a woman who lost her husband to illness a few years ago which led to her almost completely shutting down before her recent return to happiness and success.
There is absolutely NO reason for you to consistently try to function each day with anxiety, depression, fear, resentment, loneliness or any of the other limiting emotions that are ruling your life each day.

I don’t care what you have been through in your life—it is your choice to hang on to those emotions each day instead of realizing that they can be temporary and learn how to powerfully let the storm cloud pass.

It’s your choice and always your choice.

Here is Susan’s inspiring story.

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