Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Most humans spend a good deal of time in front of the mirror each day in fact, studies show that the average time per year in front of a mirror for a person is 168 hours.

That’s one week of the year!

But, it’s not the time in front of the mirror that matters, it’s what you SEE in the mirror that REALLY matters because that is what’s manifesting more of the same in your life.

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It’s not About Being Positive

If you know me or read my work, you already know that I am not a big fan of the word ‘positive’.

Personally, I think it’s an overused catch-all phrase for the self-help genre and for people who are trying to add some good things in their life.

I believe people many times are masking some real issues by telling themselves and others they are being positive.

Be careful, that word can be causing you more harm than good.

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