Why Your Child Isn’t Motivated

All children are human DVR’s recording every single visual image they’ve seen since birth and continue to see on a daily basis.

They capture these images and store them in their subconscious mind and it’s their perception and repetition of those images that develop their personality, their habits and their behavior throughout their life.

In short, those images they see and their continued experiences in their life program their sub-=conscious mind. Read more

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Most humans spend a good deal of time in front of the mirror each day in fact, studies show that the average time per year in front of a mirror for a person is 168 hours.

That’s one week of the year!

But, it’s not the time in front of the mirror that matters, it’s what you SEE in the mirror that REALLY matters because that is what’s manifesting more of the same in your life.

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A Personal Journey

For those of you who have read my book, you know that several years ago, things got pretty rough for me.

It’s time to dive into my (Coach Mike) Personal Journey.

As I stated in my book:

I didn’t know it at the time but it was the beginning of the most challenging and difficult times of my life.  I would see my world as I knew it, over, in an instant.  My marriage of 15 years ended in literally one day. My once successful business became not so successful and those events would set a string of events in motion that would lead me on a path of hardship like I have never known. But, it would also prove to be one of my greatest moments and a time that would shape the rest of my life.”

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