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Here’s What’s Wrong with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods opened his 2014 golf season at Torrey Pines last week—a venue where he has won eight times in the past. After two very uninspiring early rounds on Thursday and Friday, Tiger’s 79 on Saturday was tied for the second worst score of his playing career and ended the tournament for him, something that can be considered remarkable considering his past total dominance over this course.

Why Your Child Isn’t Motivated

All children are human DVR’s recording every single visual image they’ve seen since birth and continue to see on a daily basis. They capture these images and store them in their subconscious mind and it’s their perception and repetition of those images that develop their personality, their habits and their behavior throughout their life. In short, those images they see and their continued experiences in their life program their sub-=conscious mind.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Most humans spend a good deal of time in front of the mirror each day in fact, studies show that the average time per year in front of a mirror for a person is 168 hours. That’s one week of the year! But, it’s not the time in front of the mirror that matters, it’s what you SEE in the mirror that REALLY matters because that is what’s manifesting more of the same in your life.