10 Tips for Raising Confident Kids

As a parent of five happy children and as a coach, I understand how crucial it is for kids to have confidence.

It simply helps them succeed academically, socially and personally and will carry them to great heights in their life.

Confidence, or lack thereof, has a huge impact on how your child handles everything from participating in class to maintaining healthy relationships.

I’ve seen this at home, and I’ve seen this on the field and I’ve seen this with the thousands of young clients I have worked with over the years.

You might notice your child struggling with a lack of confidence. Something as simple as a lack of enthusiasm, or as severe as acting out in school and at home.

Don’t stress or feel hopeless as your child struggles, there is an answer and you can help your child gain the confidence to send them skyrocketing to new heights in their life.

That’s why I’ve assembled my top 10 parenting tips to raise confident kids. These are the best parenting tips and when you implement them with your children, you will be thrilled with the results. Enjoy.

1) Highlight Their Great Qualities & Characteristics

Each child born on this earth is different.

Your child will have her or his own unique personality, characteristics, strengths and gifts.

Encourage your child to understand what makes them unique and cultivate those gifts within them.

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How to Become Popular and Why it Matters

What does popularity mean to you?  More friends, having people know your name, feeling more successful?

I often get asked how young adults can feel more popular. The desire for popularity is a tale as old as time, and impacts most teens in one way or another.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about popularity is that it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Wanting to feel appreciated and accepted by your peers can be healthy if it starts from within.

The secret that I have shared with my own kids and the teens I’ve coached over the years lies in the 10 simple steps below…

Step #1: Be Yourself, Not Someone or Something You’re Not

You hear people saying, “be yourself” all the time. What does that actually mean? Read more

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What Should I Do to be Successful?

If you’re like most of people, you want to feel successful however, success is something different for all people.  

It took me a long time to discover MY true meaning of success. 

Early on in my adult life, I thought I had reached the success I was looking for but, I was still pretty empty at times and never felt completely fulfilled. 

And, of course, I eventually lost it all.  My marriage ended, my business failed and I lost a huge part of my social network that was pretty important to me at the time. 

I also lost a lot of the material ‘stuff’ that came with my supposed success and I felt like a true failure.  

It turns out that ‘losing it all’ was maybe the best thing that ever happened to me.

I learned many, many important things and I also learned the TRUE formula for success which, I want to share some of the important highlights with you below. 

Among the many things I learned, was that success is a feeling and a series of experiences and no amount of money or material items can ever give you that feeling of success long term if you truly feel empty inside.  

Hopefully these tips will give you a really good idea of what I am talking about here.

As I tell my clients, make sure to define success on your own terms, having a clear definition of what success means to you. 

Also, don’t worry about other people’s definition of success, define what’s important to you and use these 10 tips to help you bring it into your life.  Have fun!

1. Do What You Love

It’s a big world with unlimited opportunities, so why wouldn’t you spend it doing the things you love?

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