Why Some Athletes Struggle Off the Field

Athlete Behavior Off the Field

We hear stories constantly about professional athletes who have complete success on the field yet, they can’t seem to stay out of trouble off the field.

What’s up with this athlete behavior?

You see these stories and say…”I can’t believe that these athletes are making millions of dollars and they are throwing it all away or making bad decisions that can hurt or end their career. It makes no sense!”

Well…yes, while it can be mindboggling, it makes perfect sense if you understand how we work as human beings. Read more

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Advice for the US Soccer Team

advice soccer

Coach Mike was asked to write some tips for the U.S. Soccer Team prior to their game.

We thought it would be good to share this with our friends and No Limits followers.

These tips can benefit teams, athletes or any individuals competing for a goal. Enjoy!

(Keep in mind that this post is from a while ago)

Advice for the US Soccer Team

Coach Mike, can you come up with some tips for the team to get in the “Champion” mindset and help to remove the pressure prior to crucial game? Read more

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Law of Attraction

I have a fun personal story I am going to share with you below on how the magic of the Law of Attraction works in our lives.

But first, I wanted to share a little bit with you on the subject of the LOA.

What is the Law of Attraction?

While in grade school, we all learn the scientific fact that everything in the Universe is made of energy (E=MC2) including us as human beings.

In fact, everything in the Universe is made from the same energy!

Pretty wild if you think about it.

To go further, it’s our energy or the rate our energy is vibrating that attracts back to us the experiences, the events and the people in our lives.

Yet, most people are ignorant to this fact but, just because many people aren’t aware of this, the Law of Attraction doesn’t stop working in their lives. Read more

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